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Bio Nova, the green
companion you can rely on.

Bio Nova was founded in the Netherlands in the early 90’s, producing premium fertilizers, nutrient additives, and high quality substrates. A few years later, growers in more than 20 countries were working with our products.

Sharing knowledge

We are pioneers. We are one of the first producers of fertilizers and nutrient additives. We created our own path, much like growers in the whole world are doing. All that we have learned, through experimentation, failures and successes, we want to share with growers around the globe.

Growers unite

Because we have a broad experience in cultivating, we know the needs and problems any grower faces. This knowledge combined with passion, research, and the latest technology is found in every fiber of our company.

Boosting yields

Today, growers are looking for an answer to get more quality and quantity out of their harvest. As growers ourselves, we find joy in discovering just the right
combination in dosage, time and attention for any crop. It’s a lot of groundwork, but it pays off. When plants are happy, we are happy.

Plants love Bio Nova

Since plants are our main source of income, we treat the plant and environment respectfully. We use food grade, organic and animal-free ingredients only and look for the perfect mixture where elements are balanced out for a complete and optimum bio-availability by the plant.

Environment friendly production

Our products are free of artificial fragrances, pigments and ballast salts and packed in 100% recyclable packaging. Our facilities run on wind energy and are heated with bio-gas. This is how we keep eye on our environment and show respect for the hand that feeds us.

Partners in growing

We strive to be the best companion for all our partners. Not only now, but also in the time ahead of us. That is why we keep our eyes open, listen to feedback from growers, do research and look for novelties and trends to create more innovative products that suit the demands of our growers.

Best regards, Eric van Vlimmeren, founder.